Welcome to Hoops for Hope 2020 (our twelfth-year celebration)! We are a band of brothers and sisters pledging to play 24 hours of basketball to raise $75,000 for HOPE worldwide and its hospitals in Cambodia. Please join our team and our efforts to fight poverty across the globe!

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Jay Grasso

Hello,I am  very excited to be playing hoops to support both a local pro...

Raised $6,597.00
Goal $10,000.00

Phil Arsenault

My name is Phil Arsenault and I am looking to raise at least $2000 for the Si...

Raised $4,600.00
Goal $2,000.00

Jordan Hill

My name is Jordan Hill, and this will be the 6th year that I have participate...

Raised $2,726.00
Goal $2,300.00

Paul Grant

Hi, I'm Paul Grant,This my 9th consecutive year playing Hoops For Hope. I am ...

Raised $1,680.00
Goal $3,000.00

Steve Schnell

I'm raising money for an incredible hospital, and we really need your help!!!...

Raised $1,675.00
Goal $3,000.00

Maurice Perry

Hi, I'm Maurice.  Hoops for Hope has become a huge part of my life.&nbsp...

Raised $1,625.00
Goal $1,500.00

Brandon Moye

Welcome to my HOOPS 4 HOPE fundraising page! My blurb was deleted so I'll upd...

Raised $1,345.00
Goal $1,500.00

Kevin Mei

Hello! I'm Kevin Mei, a first year participant in Hoops for HOPE. After readi...

Raised $1,250.00
Goal $1,000.00

Kevin Shen

So far, together we have raised a total of $5,000 in the three years that I h...

Raised $1,207.00
Goal $1,000.00

Phoenix Thompson

Hello! My name is Phoenix and this will be my second year participating in Ho...

Raised $1,160.01
Goal $2,500.00

Paul Watters

Hi, I'm Paul.

Raised $1,100.31
Goal $1,000.00

Ari Lopez

Hi, I'm Ari.

Raised $1,090.00
Goal $1,000.00

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5K 4 HOPE Raised:$136.00 Adam Roscoe Raised:$5.00 Anthony Chea Raised:$0.00 Anton Libsch Raised:$725.00 Ari Lopez Raised:$1,090.00 Ariel Rojas & Maria Lu... Raised:$0.00 Austin Mey Raised:$0.00 Ava Lavoie Raised:$275.00 Brandon Moye Raised:$1,345.00 Briana Alvarado and Am... Raised:$340.00 Catherine Hazen Raised:$1,010.00 Charles Tran Raised:$0.00 Chris DelGaizo Raised:$0.00 Chris Delphia Raised:$0.00 Christopher Arthur Raised:$0.00 Collier Winters Raised:$765.00 Damerjian Family Raised:$500.00 David Ardon Raised:$25.00 David Martin Raised:$795.00 Dee Williams Raised:$0.00 Doug Arthur Raised:$0.00 Elena Bragg Raised:$0.00 Ethan Voligny Raised:$0.00 Freddy Pagan Raised:$10.00 Hakeen Jacobs Raised:$120.00 James Keady Raised:$0.00 Jay Grasso Raised:$6,597.00 Joaquin Martin Raised:$0.00 Jordan Hill Raised:$2,726.00 Joseph and Jonathan Pa... Raised:$0.00 Julielys Ortiz and Ang... Raised:$300.00 Kevin Mei Raised:$1,250.00 Kevin Shen Raised:$1,207.00 Kyle Toxey and Langsto... Raised:$575.00 Marcus David Raised:$0.00 Mark Overdevest Raised:$100.00 Matthew Zajac Raised:$300.00 Maurice Perry Raised:$1,625.00 Mikhaila Perry Raised:$90.00 Nick Rosenbaum Raised:$800.00 Paul Grant Raised:$1,680.00 Paul Watters Raised:$1,100.31 Phil Arsenault Raised:$4,600.00 Phoenix Thompson Raised:$1,160.01 Ray Paradis Raised:$110.00 Ryan Janvion Raised:$0.00 Scott Arsenault Raised:$1,050.00 Stan Obenhaus Raised:$995.00 Steve Schnell Raised:$1,675.00 Tiffany Hester Raised:$810.00 Trieu Nguyen Raised:$0.00 Ty Landrum Raised:$0.00 Van Perry Raised:$50.00 Vilma Muir Raised:$850.00 Weldon Gibson Raised:$205.00 Yovanny Duran Raised:$175.00 Zach Wolfe Raised:$475.00 Zack Walters Raised:$0.00


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Many thanks to Robert Galofre and his excellent team at GDN Web Media for our new website!Robert is a former-Hoopster himself, and generously ...

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