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The Grassos love to play basketball! My name is Jay Grasso (tallest one) and my nephew RJ (who plays college hoop at Anna Maria College) will be joining me in playing to help others in Cambodia. I am hoping my brother Chris (far right) will play with me also! And if my mom (far left) were younger, she would play. Did you know she once played semi-pro basketball at the old Boston Garden while pregnant? Not with me though :)

I traveled to Cambodia a few years ago and visited the Sihanouk and Sonja Kill Memorial hospitals and came away touched regarding the real health needs of the Cambodian people. The HOPE Cambodian hospitals provide free care to those that cannot afford it.  I realized I took for granted what we have for medical care in the USA. Our medical system gives us vaccines and early detection of diseases that not all countries have.

For example, in Cambodia, a father may have a disease like diabetes or tuberculosis, get sick, almost die, and buys bad medicine, and declines further.  His son has to quit school to support his sick dad. Someone tells the family about the Sihanouk hospital 4 hours away. He can barely afford to get a ride to the hospital 4 hours away. When he gets there, he is on death's door, but he is able to get the right medicine and care, recovers, and the boy goes back to school. This is a real scenario I learned about while there.

This purpose is worth playing for! A horrific genocide set back this country's medical infrastructure as nearly all the educated Cambodian people were brutally killed.

Please sponsor the Grassos as we try in some small way to help!



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