Hoops for Hope

Jay Grasso


I am  very excited to be playing hoops to support both a local project this year in Massachusetts and one abroad in Cambodia! This year I'll be shooting hoops on a November day (Nov. 7) as I take time out to play for the Boston Teen Police Academy and HOPE Worldwide's Cambodian Hospitals. It's hard to believe that our efforts the past 11 years are 70% towards raising 1 million dollars!  To God's glory!

And it's hard to believe Hoops for HOPE/Play For A Purpose is being played in October and November! This past year has given me more time to reflect, read, and think. I have realized my own white privilege and I have learned that empathy towards what people of color endure is needed rather than my defensiveness.   

The Boston Teen Police Academy is a great example of the police and community working together to bridge the gaps that exist in our country. Rather than grow further apart, there's an effort by the police to work together with the community to make things better. Serving each other is a path towards healing. I thank Darryl Owens and the Boston Police for their efforts!

Our web site playforapurpose.org shows black and white hands working together in unity. Hoops for HOPE/Play For A Purpose  wouldn't be what it is today without all races of people working together for a common cause. 

So Hoops for HOPE/Play For A Purpose has special meaning for me this year. I will join with a band of brothers and sisters to be a light, to make a difference, and to be a spark of hope this country and this world needs! Thank you Jesus!



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