Hoops for Hope

Adam Roscoe

Hi, I'm Adam.

This is my 4th year participating in H4H. In past years, I have fundraised by allowing people to vote on a ridiculous haircut for me to play in. 

While I'm not doing any crazy hairstyles this year, I'm as fired up as ever to be raising money for the Sihanouk Hospital. Having been born and raised in Lowell, MA, Khmer culture and the history of Cambodia has played a huge part in my friendships and community throughout my life. To know that this event can help a hospital that provides free, life saving medical care to the families and loved ones of those I've grown up with, I'm determined to raise as much as I can.

Help me DEMOLISH my goal. I'm asking for $5 donations from as many people as possible. If you can donate more, that is wonderful, but if you can't donate much, all I ask for is $5. It might not feel like much, but with enough loving people donating a little, we can make a huge impact.

God bless.

"One finger cannot lift a pebble, but one hand can move the World."

Much Love, One Harambe

Adam WorldChanger Roscoe


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