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Hi, I'm Jay in the middle and that's my nephew RJ to the far left. This will be my 9th year playing in Hoops for HOPE and RJ played in the Teen Hoops for HOPE a couple years ago. Lydia (red shirt and white head band) has also played in Hoops for HOPE several times. As did my other nephew Kyle (2nd from left).

Since I'm getting older, my nephew RJ is gonna help me make the 24-hour trek.When asked to play, his response was " I'd love doing that especially for the cause". RJ played at Assabet Valley High this past year and reached the 1,000 point milestone in his career there! My wife Carolyn and daughters Lydia and Erica (sitting far right) are a tremendous support every year to Hoops for HOPE!

The Grasso family will do their best to help the poor of Cambodia and HOPE's causes! It was such a blessing to visit the Sihanouk Hospital and the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital in Cambodia a few years back with my daughter Lydia. I'll never forget the elephant ride we had together at Angkor Wat in Siem Riep Cambodia! Lydia revisited the Sihanouk Hospital the next year and took a class in College this past year to start learning the Khmer language!

It was very moving to meet the hospital staff at HOPE's Cambodian Hospitals and see the great work that is being done! The Sihanouk Hospital has served over 1.3 million patients and is still a free hospital for the poor! The Cambodian people are such gracious people and I am so happy to help them after the horrific genocide they have been through!

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